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Pushkin – «The Tsarskoye Selo». The Palace of Catherine II

Excursion number: EX_008

Duration 5 hrs

Быстрое бронирование
Даты тура:

Next excursion: - 28.03.18 at 14:00

Departure of the tour-Nevsky prospect, Gostiny Dvor metro station

Description of the excursion:

Pushkin – “The Tsarskoye Selo” State Museum Reserve is a brilliant monument of world architecture and park and garden artistry of the 18th-20th centuries. A magnificent group of architects, sculptors and painters brought the desires of their royal clients to fruition here.

In “Tsarskoye Selo” the full range of artistic styles is represented, from the Baroque and Classical eras. Imperial rulers from Catherine I to Nicholas II have left their mark on Tsarskoye Selo. The compositional center of the ensemble is the Catherine Palace, a magnificent baroque-style palace.

The Great Hall of the palace and the Golden Enfilade of formal halls, among which can be found the Amber Room, amaze with the luxury of their decoration. More than 100 architectural objects with a total area of 300 hectares occupy the territory of the Catherine and Alexander Parks: from the most magnificent palaces and monuments, to pavilions and bridges.

Strolling through the alleys of these parks, you will be treated to views of whimsical lodges, elegant classical buildings, many monuments executed in marble, exotic constructions designed to imitate gothic style, and also Turkish and Chinese architecture which lend the park a romantic air.


PUSHKIN (5 hrs)

Excursion along the Tsarskoselskaya Road. You will be given detailed information about this road. Also you will visit the Catherine Palace with Amber Room and park.

Excursion price in rubles:

  Adult Children Student
Pushkin (ENGLISH) 3600 3400 2300
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Pushkin – «The Tsarskoye Selo». The Palace of Catherine II

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